Reusable cups are back!

Customers can safely use their reusable cups again following a temporary pause in recent months. During this time, we have worked closely with our staff to ensure that we can offer a safe and contactless procedure across all Great Food at Leeds cafes for the use of reusable cups.

Reuse with confidence

Our new reusable cup procedure ensures the safety of our staff and customers while supporting our sustainability strategy and our journey towards becoming single-use plastic-free.

Just follow these simple steps…


Let us know that you’re using a reusable cup!

Place your clean cup on the black tray provided, keeping hold of your lid.

We’ll take the tray and fill your cup with a delicious GFaL hot drink, using the tray to move the cup and never touching your reusable.

We’ll return the black tray to the collection point – your drink is ready for you to take away in your reusable cup. Don’t forget your 20p discount!

Why use a reusable cup?

Reusable cups are a simple way for us to reduce our single-use plastic footprint, as well as making financial savings!

The UK currently throws away 2.5 billion disposable hot drink cups every year, with just less than 1% of these being recycled. The disposable cups are mostly made from paper but they also contain a plastic polythene lining, making them difficult to recycle through the normal routes.

The raw materials to make the cups usually come from virgin sources, therefore using up a valuable resource for the short-term consumption of a drink. Disposable cups are produced using virgin paper but they are also lined with plastic polyethene, meaning they fall into the category of single-use plastic.

A simple way to reduce our use of natural resources and prevent the need for additional waste disposal or recycling services is to use a reusable cup. Great Food at Leeds will also give you a 20p discount off purchases made at any of their outlets using a reusable cup.

To encourage their use by students and staff, we also offer high quality, reusable KeepCups that are available in nine different colours from all our cafés on campus for just £9.50, in addition, our premium ‘long play’ cup is also available at £13.50 – plus you get a FREE hot drink* with the purchase of your KeepCup!

For those disposable cups that do remain in use, we have also installed specific disposable cup recycling bins in busy locations across campus. To find out more about these new recycling bins here.



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