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Collections & Recycling

Collections and recycling

We’re committed to the University’s sustainability strategy. Find out how to recycle your disposables.

Please ensure that all items are packed up and ready for collection after your event.

If your items have not been collected, please contact 0113 343 3682.

If you have ordered your delivery of disposables, please ensure you recycle these in the correct way by using our helpful guide below.

Non-disposable items such as glass platters, tea/ coffee pots and crockery items will be collected by members of the Great Food at Leeds team, and we endeavour to collect these within 24 hours.

We encourage customers to recycle wherever possible and would encourage the use of your local recycling bins for this purpose. If this isn’t practical, please use the four recycling bags provided with your order.

We are continually improving our waste service and hope in the near future to move to a system where we can recycle all of the waste, with the majority composted. Until then, please follow the guidance below.

Top tip!

We encourage our customers to follow the Sustainability Team’s helpful recycling guide


Three recycle bags are provided for your ease in disposing of all non-returnable items, and these bags should be placed in the nearest recycling bins.

Paper Bins

(Use Green Bag)

Card sleeves from the platter boxes

Plastic Bins

(Use Clear Bag)

Plastic platter boxes, juice/water bottles, plastic drinks cups

Food Bins

(Use Cream Bag)

Food waste only

General Waste

(Use Black Bag)

Disposable coffee cups, disposable cutlery and plates, cardboard food boxes, napkins

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