We’re looking forward to opening our doors to you at on Saturday 6th October.

Whether it’s a quiet coffee or a belly-busting meal, we have something for all the family right here on campus for Open Day!

So, wherever you are on campus you’re not far away from a refreshing drink and good food!

The Refectory 08:00 – 16:00
Baines Wing Café
Business School Café 08.30–16.00
Café Maia at Ziff 08.30–16.00
Café Seven at Worsley 08.30–16.00
Caffè Nero 10.00–16.00
Fuse Cafe 08.30–16.00
Parkinson Court Café 08.30–16.00
Physics Coffee Bar 09.00–15.30
The Edit Room Café in Edward Boyle 08.30–16.00
Waterside Café 08.30–16.00