Deli(very), the delivered catering service provided by Great Food at Leeds (GFaL), has started operating its first fully electric van.

At GFaL we are committed to reducing our carbon impact across all areas of our operation. A central pillar of the University’s Climate Plan is Net Zero emissions by 2030, highlighting the importance of tackling this reduction.

We are proud to be contributing to the University’s overall reduction in fleet emissions, alongside other areas such as Security Services.

Ben Collier, Head of Catering and Hospitality, has explained other benefits of the vehicle and shared plans for the future.

“The new electric van is reliable, efficient and quiet. The servicing costs are lower and no oil is needed.”

“The team is also able to use electric vehicle charging points across campus – meaning there is no need to leave campus to buy fuel and our focus can be on service delivery for our customers.”

“This is a positive step in reducing our carbon impact, as we plan our transition to a zero emissions fleet over the coming years”.

Find out more about the University’s commitment to Net Zero by 2030.