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Coronavirus (covid-19)

Please visit our opening hours page for the latest information on our catering facilities.
Further information is available on the University’s coronavirus website

Café Info

FUSE at The School of Chemical and Process Engineering is a hidden gem located in the Engineering buildings.

It is a quiet café with plenty of space, a perfect spot to refresh yourself.

Food Hygiene Rating is 5 - Very Good

  • Location

    First Floor, The School of Chemical and Process Engineering

  • Food

    Authentic dishes from around the world

Freshly Ground Coffee8oz12oz




Caffe Latte



Flat White








Espresso Macchiato






House Filter Coffee



Coffee Alternatives8oz12oz

Hot Chocolate



Chai Latte



English Breakfast Tea


Specialty Tea


On IcePrice

Iced Latte


Iced Cappuccino


Iced Mocha


Iced Chai



Whipped Cream


Espresso Shot


Flavoured Syrup


Coconut Milk


Almond Milk


Decaffeinated Coffee, Soya Milk & Skimmed Milk available. Please ask.