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Sustainable KeepCups

Sustainable KeepCups

Coffee with a conscience

We’ve worked closely with our colleagues in the Sustainability team at the University to ensure that we can offer a sustainable option in Great Food at Leeds outlets for our customers who drink hot drinks.

Our new, high quality, reusable KeepCups are available in nine different colours from all our cafés on campus for just £9.50, in addition, our premium ‘long play’ cup is also available at £13.50 – plus you get a FREE hot drink* with the purchase of your KeepCup!

When you use your KeepCup at any of our outlets you will also receive 20p off your hot drink!* Think of it as a thank you for doing your bit for the environment.

We carefully chose which reusable cup to provide in our cafés and after reading about KeepCup, seeing the quality of the cups and the sustainable credentials, it was decided these were by far the best option – plus they look great too!

Pick up your KeepCup today to start saving money and the environment! #WarOnWaste

KeepCup Facts

There are lots of benefits to using a KeepCup compared to a disposable cup:

  • Do good feel good

    The KeepCup breaks even after 15 uses, including washing, when compared with a disposable cup.

  • Less plastic

    There is enough plastic in 20 disposable cups and lids to make a KeepCup.

  • Reusable, not disposable

    KeepCups have been tested to 1,500 uses by our industrial designers. They’re estimated to last at least three years.

  • More trees, less landfill

    Over one year the KeepCup compared to disposable cups, reduces water use by up to 90%.2 Most disposable cups are lined with polyethylene which makes them non-recyclable. Disposable cups that are ‘compostable’ require commercial composting to biodegrade.

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