The Refresh app

An easy, convenient way to keep track of your Refresh points and pay for items at Great Food at Leeds outlets completely cash free!

The Refresh App provides a range of fantastic ways to save money whenever you spend at any Great Food at Leeds catering outlet across campus.

Use the Pay by Card function to pay with your mobile phone or simply load credit onto your account.

Click the ‘Tap Here to Use’ button and this will generate a barcode which our team will scan at the till which then debits credit from your account.

Download it today!

download on the App Store  Get it on Google Play

Key Features

Pay with your phone

No cash? No problem! Refresh allows you to pay for items easily with your phone.

Check your Balance

Refresh allows you to check your balance anywhere and keep track of the points you earn.

Auto top-up

Set auto top-up and never be caught short on credit again.

refresh app on iphone

Create your account

  1. Download the Refresh Loyalty UniLeeds App

    download on the App Store  Get it on Google Play

  2. Create account
    Click ‘Create Account’ and follow the on-screen instructions to enter the required details
  3. Set up your payment method
    The My Purses section allows you to customise your payment methods including:

    1. Pay by Card –  The quick and easy way to use Refresh. Scan and pay with your mobile phone through the Refresh app. How?
    2. Top-Up –  Use the Top-Up feature to add funds to your account and stay on budget – even send a link to family and friends so that they can automatically add credit to your account.
    3. Auto Top-Up – Set it so once your balance goes below a certain amount it will automatically top up. How?
  4. Check credit and points
    Once logged into the Refresh app, simply click the star icon in the top right-hand corner of the first page to view your account balance and your points balance

Pay by card

  • Quick and Easy!

    Now you can set your Refresh to Pay by Card and pay at the till with your mobile phone.

  • No Top Up Needed!

    Which means you will never have to top up or be without Refresh credit and still get your loyalty points!

  • Instant set up

    Simply open the Refresh App and go into the Purses tab to find the Pay by Card section. Select the card you want to use as your default payment method. Once you’ve selected your payment method you’re ready to use Pay by Card with your Refresh App!

Where can you use the Refresh App?

 Whether it’s a quiet coffee or a belly-busting meal, we have something for everyone right here on campus.

The University has 1 restaurant and 15 cafés around campus. So wherever you are on campus you’re not far away from a refreshing drink and good food.

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