What is Refresh?

Refresh is edible credit which helps you save money at all Great Food at Leeds cafés at the University of Leeds. Scan and pay or top up your account and conveniently pay with Refresh to save 10% on selected products and to earn loyalty points and free hot drinks.

How does it work?

The quick and easy was to use Refresh is to scan and pay with your mobile phone just like you can with your contactless card through the Pay by Card feature. You can also load credit onto your Refresh account using top up or the Auto Top Up feature. Simply present the Refresh app or card at the tills when making a purchase.

Why use Refresh?

Get 3% points cashback

For every full £1 you spend you collect 3 points (worth 3p). Collect your points and use them as credit to treat yourself to something free or to put them towards paying for a purchase.

Exclusive discounts on selected items

Get 10% off a range of products including selected sandwiches and cold drinks as well as any hot drink! Refresh also features a new and exclusive special offer every month!

Get your 11th hot drink free

When you buy 10 hot drinks you’ll automatically get your 11th FREE* with the Refresh loyalty scheme!
Refresh counts for you so you never miss out.

(*Auto-redeem must be selected in user settings)

Where can you use Refresh?

 Whether it’s a quiet coffee or a belly-busting meal, we have something for everyone right here on campus.
The University has 1 restaurant and 15 cafés around campus. So wherever you are on campus you’re not far away from a refreshing drink and good food.

How To Sign Up

Register using the App

  1. Download the ‘Refresh Loyalty UniLeeds’ app from the App Store, Google Play or the Windows Store.
  2. Click ‘Create Account’ and follow the instructions on screen to enter the required details.
  3. You can top up your Refresh account online through our mobile site or on your computer as well as setting up auto top up
  4. To pay with the app just click the ‘Tap Here to Use’ button. This generates a barcode which our team will scan at the till which then debits credit from your account. (The ’20 Left’ displayed on the button only refers to how many unique barcodes you have left to use if you have no mobile data signal and does not refer to credit or points.)

Register with a Refresh Card

To register with a card you will need to have your refresh card handy. Refresh cards are available from all Great Food at Leeds catering outlets.

To start saving, simply…

  1. Visit the Refresh Portal.
  2. Input your  email address and set up a password. (If not recognised then click ‘Create Account’ at the bottom of the page.)
  3. If visiting our Mobile site then scroll to the bottom of your screen to set your password. After entering your email you will then receive an email with a link to click on to set your password.
  4. Add your card to your account using the number on the front of your Refresh card.
  5. You can top up your new Refresh card online through your account.

The Refresh App

The Refresh App is an easy and convenient way to keep track of your Refresh Credit as well as providing a range of fantastic ways to save money at any Great Food at Leeds catering outlet across campus!

To learn everything you need to know about the Refresh App and it’s many awesome features such as auto top-up and paying directly with your phone, simply click the button below.

Still Have Questions?

If there’s anything else you wish to know about the Refresh App or your Refresh Membership, please take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Page.

If you still can’t find what you’re looking for or wish to discuss something with a Refresh staff member, please contact us at refreshcard@leeds.ac.uk

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