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GFaL Club FAQs

GFaL Club

Frequently asked questions

The ‘Great Food at Leeds Club’ (GFaL Club) is a loyalty scheme by the university’s catering provider, Great Food at Leeds (GFAL). The scheme allows you to pay for food and drink across any of the University of Leeds catering outlets –  you can also use the app to collect loyalty stamps for every hot drink purchased.

Registering with a GFAL Club account is easy and free!

  1. Simply download the ‘GFaL Club app’ from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Click ‘Create Account’ and follow the instructions on screen to enter the required details.

Setting up the app as a payment method

  1. To pay through the app register your debit or credit card details in the ‘Payment Cards’ section in ‘Settings’.

You can adjust your payment setting and options including top-up and auto-top up on our GFAL club mobile site.

Simply open the app and click ‘Tap to display your ID Tag’ and scan your phone at the till. Your stamp card will update automatically if you have purchased a hot drink.

In the app select ‘Vouchers’ and then click on the Hot drinks stamp card to view your stamps.

You can also set up an email alert to find out each time you get a voucher. Go to ‘Settings’ and click on ‘’Notifications’ to manage your email alerts.  Once your voucher has been added to your account you can choose for it to be automatically applied or redeem it at a time and drink of your choice. There’s no need to print anything off, just tell a member of the Great Food at Leeds team at the till and they will redeem this for you. To automatically apply your voucher visit the ‘Vouchers’ section and select the auto apply option.

You can use your voucher to purchase any hot drink.

Log in to the app and go to ‘Settings’ here you can manage:

  • Notifications
  • Payment cards
  • Password
  • Security
  • Data

Please note that all in-app notifications will come from the email address,

A purse is the terminology used on the GFAL Club app and portal which relates to the account that money is added to.

Log in to the app and go to ‘Settings’ here you can manage your notifications.

Within notifications you have the option to turn on or off the notifications you want to receive.

The GFAL Club app allows you to pay using pre-loaded credit onto your account called a ‘Top-Up’. You can even send a link to family and friends so that they can automatically add credit to your account!

All you need to do is visit the GFAL CLUB  portal and log-in using the email address and password you use to log into the app. Then simply click on “My Purses” in the left hand menu to add funds.

You can also set ‘Auto Top Up’ so once your balance goes below a certain amount it will automatically top up.

Yes! Your GFaL Club  account can be automatically or manually topped up by family or friends from anywhere in the world, all they need to do is set up a ‘linked account’.

Instructions for family/friend

  1. Go to the GFaL Club portal.
  2. Fill in the sign up form using your details.
  3. Tick the ‘ I understand and would still like to create a Link Account’ box.
  4. The GFaL Club account holder will then receive a validation email.
  5. The GFaL Club account holder must then log into their account via the GFaL Club portal and send you a ‘link’ account request through ‘Account Links’ adding your email address.
  6. Once you have accepted this request both you and the GFaL Club account holder must activate the link. This can be done by the you and the GFaL Club account holder in the ‘Account Links’ section by simply clicking ‘expand’ under the email address and then ‘activate link’.

Once the link is activated by both parties you will then have the ability to top up their GFaL Club account

To reset your password go to Account on the app and select ‘Password’ and fill in the required fields.

If you have forgotten your password you can reset it by clicking ‘Forgotten Password’ on the Login screen.

Please check that you are connected to Univerisity Wi-fi or have mobile data switched on. If the scan on your device fails whilst using the app at a till, check with the sales assistant and try again.

Absolutely! Any points or stamps collected with both the card and the app will count towards your balance. Please note that Refresh points will be available to use up until 31 December 2019.

You can continue to use your refresh card to pay and collect hot drink stamps after 31st December 2019.

If you have any questions which we have not answered then please contact us at