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Refresh Card

Refresh card from Great Food at Leeds

What is the Refresh Card?

It’s edible credit – food and drink without the need for cash! The Refresh card is the University’s catering payment card. You can use it in any of our catering outlets without having to use cash which means that you can easily keep track of your spending. What’s more is that you can receive 10% off a range of products including sandwiches and drinks as well as getting a special offer each month!

Find out more about how the Refresh card works.

This months offer:

20% off Arizona Drinks!
Keep your cool this month with a refreshing 20% off Arizona Drinks when you pay with your Refresh card. Available at selected cafés.
WIN a GoPro camera!
Make this a summer to remember! We will be giving away a GoPro Hero camera worth £94 to one lucky Refresh customer. Pay with your Refresh card in July for a chance to win, it couldn’t be easier! Read more
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Exclusive July Promotion
Arizona drinks are available in the Refectory, Waterside Café, Café Seven, Café Maia at Ziff, Parkinson Court Café and the Business School Café, subject to availability

Current Refresh card user?

We’ve changed the Refresh card to improve functionality and make it even easier to use! As part of this new system you can now set up auto top up meaning that you’ll never be without credit on your card again!

What do you need to do?  We’ve made it as simple as possible to change to the new system. Find out what you need to do.
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The new system is now live, top up your new card here:


New to the Refresh card? SIGN UP NOW!!

Pick up a Refresh card today and start saving 10%! You can also set up auto top up so you’ll never be without credit on your card! How do I sign up?

1. Register on the Refresh card portal here. To register you will need to input your University email address and set up a password.

2. Then simply pick up a card from the Refectory or any of our cafés and link it to your online account using the number on the front of the card.

3. You can top up your new Refresh card online through your personal account. While adding your card details you can also set up auto top up and even send a link to family and friends so that they can add credit to your account.

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Meal Plan Package students

Register your meal plan card

Before you can start using your Meal plan Package you need to register online here. This only takes a minute and all you need is your University email address to set up a password and your Refresh card number (found on the front of your card) to link to your account online. As soon as you have linked your Refresh card to your account you will be able to use your Meal Plan Package.

Read more about the Meal Plan Package

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