On Tuesday 17th June the annual Sustainability Awards took place in the Refectory. Great Food at Leeds provided a delicious 2 course dinner and hosted nearly 150 guests for the event. It was a wonderful evening bringing together people from across the University to celebrate each others achievements over the past year.

The first awards of the evening were presented by the Vice-Chancellor Sir Alan Langlands. These were awarded to inspiring, innovative and hard-working staff and students who have contributed to sustainability at the University.

Embedding sustainability is about ensuring that sustainable practices and values are a part of every decision and action we make. This can be through changing policy, changing purchases, encouraging positive behaviour and much more. It is important to ensure that sustainability will remain an integral part of the University and beyond.

Embedding Sustainability

We are delighted to announce that Great Food at Leeds and our colleagues at MEETinLEEDS were awarded the impressive ‘Embedding Sustainability’ award. We were given this award for the extensive work we have done over the past year transforming our approach to sustainability and sustainable practices which have been embedded into both our values and our everyday operations.

Some highlights include;

  • Creating a sustainability strategy with objectives and actions for staff throughout the service. The continued commitment to the Green Impact project and the Green Tourism award has also been integral to ensuring ‘buy in’ from the relevant teams.
  • Re-usable Keep Cups were given to every student in University accommodation this year and have saved hundreds of cups going to landfill.
  • Our Deli(very) business recently reviewed their menus and processes to use more local suppliers and follow a strict food policy which ensures ethical, sustainable procurement of all food. We also provide recycling bags so that customers are able to recycle all non-returnable items in the correct way.


Green Impact Awardsian and don

This is the fourth year of Green Impact, and 49 awards were given out meaning that the University of Leeds remains one of the largest Green Impact organisations within the UK which is an amazing achievement. This year platinum and excellence awards were introduced for the first time to push teams to achieve even more!

Great Food at Leeds has worked hard throughout the year and we are proud to have been awarded the new Platinum accreditation. The award recognises the sustainable approaches that Great Food at Leeds has taken throughout the organisation.

We would like to say a big THANK YOU to our friends in Sustainability for their support throughout the year and for organising a great evening!