Delivery: You Said, We Did

Deli(very) sandwiches and cake

Here at deli(very) we’re passionate about providing the best possible service to our customers on campus and we would like to take this opportunity to share with you some of our proudest achievements from the last year.

You said, we did…

1. You asked for an improved website

Our team worked with online user-experience experts and focus groups to identify specific issues when ordering online and made recommendations to improve the experience for our customers.

We have updated our website, improved our photography and food categories based on the findings which have resulted in an improved customer journey with a quicker end result meaning “less clicks to order”.

2. You asked for more options

This year we updated our offers to ensure choice and variety including the Seasonal and a Taste of Yorkshire menus with the option of wraps at different price points.

We extended our sweet selection with more options with Gluten Free & Vegan as standard and offer an extensive selection of different locally sourced cake.

You also asked for healthier breakfast options so we have now added fruit with our continental combo.

3. You asked for more clarity around allergens

In October we launched a composite allergen sheet which is now delivered with all orders. We will shortly be supplying this information on new labels for all dishes made on campus giving you the customer clear information.

4. You asked us to become more sustainable

You asked us to reduce the number of plastic bottles used, and we are now encouraging the use of water jugs to be provided and no longer provide water as standard with every food order.

We have reduced the amount of single-use plastic trays and lids from our delivered service sandwich offer which has meant a saving on average of 500 plastic trays and lids per week.  This number is also set to increase by the end of the March 2020 as our new recyclable packaging range expands to cover our entire deli(very) menu will come into operation. More news to follow…

Get involved

We are always looking for mixed groups of staff who work at the University to take part in our focus groups. If you would like to contribute please register your interest below.