In celebration of the recent Fairtrade Fortnight we hosted a Fairtrade Fair at Parkinson Court. So many visitors enjoyed our Fairtrade Banoffee Sponge, made by our very own Great Food at Leeds chefs, and following numerous recipe requests our chefs have decided to share their recipe. Why not give the recipe a go and show us your efforts via social media on Facebook or Twitter.

Banoffee Sponge – 20 portions

– courtesy of Lisa Hall and Richard Thompson




Banoffee Sponge: Dates (1lb), Water (pint), Butter (14oz), Plain Flour (1lb), Caster Sugar (1lb), Bicarbonate of Soda (1tspn), Eggs (3), Bananas (2)

Fudge: Milk (300ml), Caster Sugar (350g), Unsalted Butter (100g)

Banoffee Fudge: Banana (1), Double Cream (100ml)


(Banoffee Sponge)

  1. Soak dates in water overnight
  2. Beat butter and sugar, add eggs and beat, add half of the flour, bicarbonate of soda, dates and water and then mix.
  3. Add the rest of the flour and dates then liquidise banana and mix in.
  4. Bake at 140degrees


  1. Heat the milk, sugar and butter in a thick bottomed pan until the butter has melted.
  2. Boil, stirring constantly till the mixture becomes a soft ball. Pour half on a greased tray and cool for 5 minutes.
  3. Add the other half with the liquidised banana and 100ml of double cream.
  4. Leave to thicken at room temperature and then drizzle on top of the cake.
  5. Dice fudge and sprinkle on top.

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