GFAL’s Plastic Pledge

At Great Food at Leeds (GFAL), we recognise our responsibility to ensuring that we carry out our food business in an environmentally and socially responsible way.

As a university caterer we also recognise the influence and impact that we have on all aspects of our business, from suppliers, manufacturing, production and service. That’s why we continue to embed a sustainable approach into everything we do working with the University’s Sustainability service.

Our Pledge

Packaging plays a huge role in our business and with this in mind, we wanted to let you know about a number of initiatives we are currently working on to try and reduce plastic waste:

  • We are committed to removing all plastic disposable items including straws and cutlery from our outlets across campus with immediate effect.
  • We are committed to furthering our Keep Cup campaign which is seeking to reduce the use of disposable cups.
  • We will introduce a further discount on all hot drinks bought with a keep cup to 20p from 10p to encourage their use.
  • Working with Sustainability service at the University of Leeds and the Estates services to investigate putting in water fountains across campus
  • Continue to increase visibility of reusable water bottles through retail outlets

In 2018 Great Food at Leeds will:

  • Offer a pick and mix option in Meal Deals, so customers can swap a plastic bottle drink for another item
  • The university will be introducing compostable cups in all of its own outlets across campus by August 2018
  • Improve messaging around waste separation in café outlets.

Our aspirations for the future

  • Critically review all retail packaging to eliminate plastic and non –recyclable products.
  • Working with our stakeholders and partners to Introduce innovative ways to reduce plastic bottle usage

Throughout the year we’ll keep you updated with our progress on our website and social channels.

Beverley Kenny MBE
Deputy Director of Commercial Services