General Refresh Questions

What products can I get discount on?

Refresh Card holders get 10% off the following:

  • All hot drinks (this does not include any extras e.g. flavoured shots)
  • All Costa Iced Drinks
  • All still and sparkling bottled water
  • All Iced Drinks (Not including promotional iced drinks)
  • Great Food at Leeds Simple Sandwich Range
  • Great Food at Leeds Toastie and Panini Range

How do I get the Refresh card or app?

Registering with a Refresh account is easy and free! Simply download the ‘Refresh Loyalty UniLeeds’ app from the App StoreGoogle Play or the Windows Store. Alternatively pick up a Refresh card in any of the Great Food at Leeds Cafés or The Refectory and then simply register it online here.

Register using the App

  1. Download the ‘Refresh Loyalty UniLeeds’ app from the App Store, Google Play or the Windows Store.
  2. Click ‘Create Account’ and follow the instructions on screen to enter the required details.
  3. You can top up your Refresh account online through our mobile site or on your computer as well as setting up auto top up

Register using Refresh card

  1. Visit the Refresh Portal.
  2. Fill out the sign up form
  3. Add your card to your account using the number on the front of your Refresh card. (Only click ‘link account’ if you are wanting to top up credit for another customer)
  4. You can top up your new Refresh card online through your account. You can set up auto top up and even send a link to family and friends so that they can automatically add credit to your account.

How do I top up my Refresh account

Topping up your Refresh account is simple.

All you need to do is visit the Refresh card portal and log-in using your email address and password or log into the app. Then simply click on “My Purses” in the left and menu and add funds to your Refresh account.

The My Purses section allows you to customise your payment methods including:

Pay by Card –  The quick and easy way to use Refresh. Scan and pay with your mobile phone just like you can with your contactless card through the Refresh app.

Top up –  Use the Top Up feature to add funds to your account and stay on budget – even send a link to family and friends so that they can automatically add credit to your account.

Auto top-up – Set it so once your balance goes below a certain amount it will automatically top up.

Click here to learn how to set auto top-up

Can family members top up my account?

Yes! Your  Refresh account can be automatically or manually topped up by family members from anywhere in the world, all they need to do is set up a ‘linked account’.

What is a Purse?

A purse is the terminology used on the Refresh card portal which relates to the account that money is added to, this section holds details on your balance and what you’ve spent as well as enabling you to add funds to your Refresh card.
If you are a Meal Plan Package student you will have 2 purses available to you, the Meal Plan Package and the Refresh card.

What do I do if I lose my Refresh card?

If you lose your Refresh card you can block it online by logging onto your account online here and clicking on ‘account cards’ in the left-hand menu then marking it as lost. as soon as you have done this the card will not work and no one can use the credit.

You can pick up a replacement from any of the Cafés or The Refectory and then simply add the new card to your account online, as soon as you have done this you will be able to use the new card.

If a card has been marked as lost there is no way of undoing this. This is for security reasons to ensure your card cannot be re-activated by another person. To continue using this service you will have to pick up a new card and add it to your account using the ‘Add a New Card’ feature on the Account Card screen.

I can’t register online using a card

To register online you follow the instructions below. If you are still having problems logging in then please email us with details at:

First you will need to have your refresh card handy. Refresh cards are available to collect from all Great Food at Leeds catering outlets.

  1. Visit the Refresh Portal.
  2. Fill out the sign up form with your details
  3. Add your card to your account using the number on the front of your Refresh card
  4. You can top up your new Refresh card online through your account. You can set up auto top up and even send a link to family and friends so that they can automatically add credit to your account.

How do I reset my Password

To reset your password go to your Account Details screen, scroll down to the Password section where you will find three fields; Current Password, New Password and Confirm New Password. Fill each of these fields with their required values and hit the ‘Reset Password’ button. If you have forgotten your password and cannot login you can reset your password using the Forgotten Password page found on the Login screen.

How do I add a Payment Card?

The only way to save a Payment Card to your account is through the process of adding funds to a cash purse using the card you wish to save. To do this, visit your ‘My Purses’ screen, expand the cash purse you want to add funds too and select the ‘Add Funds’ button. At the bottom of the Purse Top Up form you are offered the chance to ‘Save Payment Card’; make sure this tick box is ticked. If your top up is successful you will now be able to use your saved card elsewhere around the website including on the Quick Top Up panel.

How do I change my Email Address?

To change your registered Email address (The Email address you use to login to this site with) simply go to your ‘Account Details’ screen and expand the ‘Contact’ panel. Within this panel you will find a section titled ‘Change your Email Address’; fill out your new Email address and confirmation of Email address and click the ‘Save’ button. A verification Email will then be sent to your new Email address which will contain a reset link. Follow the steps shown on screen from this point.

Refresh Loyalty Questions

How do I collect points?

You will earn 3 loyalty points for each complete pound spent, so if you spend £1.99, you will accrue 3 points. We may, however, change the number of points you can collect and will display notices, should that happen.

Deals and promotions will also be offered from time to time and advertised appropriately. Loyalty points can be accrued and redeemed against products purchased in relevant Catering outlets.

The points will be earned at the time of purchase, provided the app is presented at the point of sale. Points will accrue on the entire transaction (provided no excluded items are being purchased). Points can only be collected against purchases where a till and a 3D scanner card reader are present.

Points can be collected at all Great Food at Leeds outlets except Caffé Nero. Points are collected on purchases and, also, for every 10 hot drinks purchased, you will get your 11th free.

How can I use my points?

You will only be able to redeem your loyalty points against purchases made in participating outlets, each point has a redemption value of one pence. The number of points used will be deducted from your Refresh Points Balance. When using your points to make a part payment on your receipt balance, all available points must be redeemed against the purchase.  If your points balance exceeds the receipt balance your remaining points will remain on your account, you will not lose these points. We will not exchange points for cash. To redeem your points just ask a member of the Great Food at Leeds team at the till to use your points for your purchase. You can use these at any time with no need to wait until you reach a certain amount.

The scanner was not working when I paid at the till –will I still get my points?

If the Refresh terminal is not working and/or if our systems are down due to an event beyond our control, you will still be able to accrue points. You will be required to keep your receipt as proof of purchase and proof of points earned. However, we will not be responsible for any loss suffered by you in such circumstances, particularly if you are unable to redeem points against your current transaction.

Please email with details of your receipt along with the day/time of your purchase.

Can I use the paper stamp loyalty card in conjunction with Refresh?

No. Your Refresh account will automatically count how many hot drinks you purchase and will then create a voucher on your account for you to redeem your free hot drink on your next purchase.

Is there a maximum number of points I can collect?

No. An account can hold an unlimited number of loyalty points.

Do points expire?

Points collected will remain on your account and can be used anytime, however if your account is unused for 18 months, your points will be removed and your account cancelled.

I do not agree with the points on my Refresh account – what can I do?

If you have a discrepancy regarding the number of points on your Refresh Account, we may require you to provide receipts as proof of purchase. Please contact

Redeeming your free hot drink

To track your hot drink stamps, you can set up an email alert to find out each time you get a voucher. Visit ‘Account Details’ and click on ‘Advanced Settings’ to manage your email alerts. You can also view them on your account summary page.

Once your voucher has been added to your account you can choose for it to be automatically applied or redeem it at a time and drink of your choice.

There’s no need to print anything off, just tell a member of the Great Food at Leeds team at the till and they will redeem this for you.

To automatically apply your voucher visit the ‘Vouchers’ section and select the auto apply option.

You can use your voucher to purchase any hot drink.

More Questions?

If you have any questions which we have not answered then please contact us at

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