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Nutritional Information

At Great Food at Leeds we hand make all our Simple and Deli(cious) Sandwiches as well as our Paninis and Toasties with good quality ingredients.

Below we have provided some Nutritional Information about these Sandwiches, Paninis and Toasties.

Sandwiches Energy kCals (per100g) Protein (per100g) Carbs (per100g) Fat (per100g)
Tuna & Cucumber on a Malted Wedge 252 10.4g  31.2g 10.2g
Mixed Salad on a Malted Wedge 146  5.8g 25.1g 3.0g
Egg Mayonnaise on a Malted Wedge 222 5.7g 23.9g 12.2g
Cheese & Tomato on a Malted Wedge  214  9.8g  27.4g 7.9g
Ham Salad on a Malted Wedge  162  11.3g  22.0g 3.6g
Tuna Mayonnaise Salad on a Malted Wedge 192  8.0g  23.9g 7.7g
Cheese Salad on a Malted Wedge 199  9.3g  25.5g 7.3g
Ham & Cheese on a Malted Wedge  235 16.2g  25g 8.3g
Baton and Baguettes
Ham Salad on a Seeded Baton 232  12.3g 26.7g  9.1g
Lemon Chicken with Mixed Leaves on a Seeded Baton  241  16.6g  26.8g  8.0g
Tuna with Mixed Leaves on a Seeded Baton  247  14.3g  28.2g  9.1g
Cheese Salad on a Seeded Baton  301  14.1g  23.4g  17.4g
Cheese & Tomato on a Seeded Baton  317  14.9g  24.7g  18.3g
Prawn Mayonnaise with Mixed Leaves on a Seeded Baton  294 11.6g  28.6g 15.5g
Ham Salad on a Baguette 176 9.5g 28.9g 3.0g
Cheese & Tomato on a Baguette 273 13.2g 24.3g 14.3g
Tuna with Mixed Leaves on a Baguette 186 14.4g 27.8g 2.4g
White and Brown Rolls
Ham & Cheese on a White Roll 261 17.0g 19.6g 13.3g
Tuna Mayonnaise & Cucumber on a Brown Roll 255 10.8g 20.1g 15.2g
Egg Mayonnaise on a Brown Roll 211 4.4g 16.5g 14.7g
Cheese & Tomato on a Brown Roll 230 11.5g 19.2g 12.4g
Cheese & Tomato in a Panini 233 9.9g 32.2g 7.8g
Ham & Cheese in a Panini 244 14g 31.1g 7.2g
Tuna & Cheese in a Panini  288  12.1g 30.2g 13.9g
Houmous & Peppers in a Panini  217  6.1g  31.0g  8.3g
Brie & Bacon in a Panini  290  13.3g 30.5g  13.4g
Bacon & Tomato in a Panini  225  10.3g  32.3g  6.7g
Chicken & Chorizo in a Panini  227  9.6g  36.5g  5.5g
Spicy Meatballs in a Panini  208  7.4g  39.7g  2.9g
BBQ Chicken in a Panini  208  10.1g  38.6g  2.1g
Falafal & Raita in a Panini  221 7.8g  32.7g  7.3g
Cheese & Tomato in a White Toastie 214  11.8g 22.6g  8.9g
Tuna & Cheese in a White Toastie 269 13.6g  20.9g 15.1g
Cheese & Ham in a White Toastie 238 17.6g  21.6g  9.5g
Cheese & Ham in a Brown Toastie 244 18.4g  21.4g  9.9g
Cheese & Tomato in a Brown Toastie 218  12.0g  22.7g  9.3g
Tuna & Cheese in a Brown Toastie  278 14.0g  20.6g 16.2g

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