It’s edible credit – food and drink without the need for cash!

Great Benefits!

Save yourself money with these fantastic Refresh card benefits:

  • 10% off all Simple and Deli(cious) sandwiches
  • 10% off all Hot drinks
  • 10% off all Starbucks/Costa Iced drinks
  • 10% off selected cold drinks

You can also take advantage of promotional offers exclusive to Refresh card holders!

Auto Top-Up!

You can set up auto top up for your Refresh card which means your card will automatically top-up when your credit drops below a certain amount, so you’ll always have money available on your card!

Log into your account online and set up auto top up when you add funds to your Refresh card.

How does the Refresh Card work?

You simply load credit onto your Refresh card and present this at the tills when making a purchase. You can track your balance online and also add more credit.

Our mobile website lets you easily top up using your smartphone on the go and you can also set up auto top up so whenever the credit on your Refresh card drops below a specified amount it will automatically top up, meaning the card will never be without credit!

How do I get hold of one and how can I use it?

Register Online Now

Register online with your University email address now and then simply pick up your Refresh card when you arrive on campus! If you’re in a Hall of Residence then you’ll be handed your card when you arrive.

Refresh cards are available to pick up in any of our cafés on campus.

Top up your credit and check your balance

Adding credit to your Refresh card and checking your balance is simple. Go to the Refresh portal, log in, or register if this is your first visit, and follow the steps on screen.

Mobile Website top ups

With our mobile website its easy to top up using your smartphone on the go. You can also save your card details with the quickload option making it faster to top up online.

How do I get hold of one and how can I use it?

Mobile Phone10% off with the Refresh Card

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