Last updated: 3 September 2020.

1. Great Food at Leeds Club Overview

1.1. Customers will be able to download the Great Food at Leeds (‘GFaL’) Club App (‘App’) allowing them to:

1.1.1. Pay for food across the University outlets, assisting them to manage expenditure throughout the year.

1.1.2. Receive hot drink loyalty stamps and special promotions within all of the University’s outlets.

2. Membership

2.1. A GFaL Club account is personal to the registered GFaL Club account holder.

2.2. Any dealings that are necessary will be with the account holder.

2.3. Although account holders can arrange for a third party to top-up their account on their behalf, we will only deal with the registered account holder.

2.4. The University reserves the right to change these terms and conditions. If it does so it will notify you by email and you will have a chance to terminate your membership with a full refund of any credit on your card.

3. Opening an Account

3.1. An account can be opened via the online GFaL Club portal page or via the App.

3.2. We reserve the right to refuse acceptance onto the GFaL Club scheme.

4. Online Payments

4.1. Online payments into the GFaL Club scheme can be made online via the GFaL Club card portal page or via the App.

5. Card Ownership

5.1. The Meal Plan Card will remain the property of the University of Leeds at all times.

6. Communication

6.1. Communication with GFaL Club account holders, once registration has been completed, will be via their registered email address. By signing up to the GFaL Club customers consent to the receipt of email notifications of offers and communications from the GFaL Club team. Your contact details will not be shared with any third parties and you may unsubscribe at any time by following the relevant link in the email.

7. Areas of Availability

7.1. All of the Great Food at Leeds operated cafés accept GFaL Club, a list of these can be found online at the Cafés page. Please note that this excludes Caffé Nero sites, which are not Great Food at Leeds operated.

7.2. The Meal Plan Package is only available to use in the Refectory and Hugo, The Camionnette Café.

8. Topping Up

8.1. Account holders may add funds to their GFaL Club account online by logging into their GFaL Club account and topping up or linking pay by card, or via the App.

8.2. Third parties may add funds to a GFaL Club account online once the account holder has added their email address to the account, this is done by following the link sent via email to the third party (it is not possible for the third party to view the account details, only to add funds).

8.3. The system has a facility for auto-top up which allows the account to be automatically credited when it falls below a chosen amount. A pre-determined bank card is chosen from which to take the funds.

8.4. The University accepts no liability if unable to accept card payments due to technical problems.

9. Termination/ Suspension of GFaL Club

9.1. The GFaL Club has no scheduled end but will be reviewed by the University on an annual basis.

9.2. The University reserves the right to terminate or suspend the operation of the GFaL Club scheme for any reason at any time.

9.3. Registered GFaL Club account holders will receive a refund of any unspent funds as per clause 12 in the event of termination or suspension of the GFaL Club scheme.

10. Withdrawal from GFaL Club

10.1. On withdrawal from the GFaL Club scheme, account holders must specify whether they require a refund. If a refund is not specified we will assume that the GFaL Club account holder will spend any remaining funds on their GFaL Club card to reach a zero balance.

10.2. Refunds from unspent balances on a GFaL Club card will not be provided automatically in the event of an account holder leaving the University. The account holder must request to be withdrawn from the GFaL Club scheme to obtain a refund.

11. Inactive Accounts

11.1. Any GFaL Club account found to be inactive for a period of 18 months or more will be closed. Refunds will not be available after 18 months or more of inactivity.

12. Refunds

12.1. The University of Leeds will use all reasonable endeavours to return all unspent funds on accounts to account holders within 28 days of termination of, or withdrawal from, the GFaL Club scheme.

12.2. The minimum amount for any refund is set at £10.

13. Fraud

13.1. Once the Card has been issued, the account holder is responsible for the GFaL Club card and the funds on the account unless and until the GFaL Club card is returned to the University or is reported lost or stolen in accordance with these terms and conditions.

13.2. GFaL Club account holders cannot loan their GFaL Club card to any other person. It is for the exclusive use of the registered account holder and not otherwise.

13.3. Anyone discovered attempting to defraud GFaL Club will be subject to University disciplinary procedures and/or will be reported to the Police for further investigation/prosecution.

13.4. GFaL Club account holders cannot transfer money from their GFaL Club card onto another account holder’s card.

13.5. The GFaL Club card is not transferable.

13.6. The University reserves the right to retain the GFaL Club card at any time and in its absolute discretion.

14. Lost/ Stolen Cards or Mobile Phones

14.1. In the event of an account holder losing their GFaL Club registered device or card they must as soon as is reasonably practicable log the device/card as lost/stolen on the GFaL Club portal or remove the registered device.

14.2. As soon as the account holder has reported the device/card as lost/stolen online the GFaL Club card will be inactive and no funds will be available to spend.

14.3. All Meal Plan students may have 1 additional card free of charge and any further cards will incur a £10 charge. These can be obtained at the Refectory. Alternatively, the App can be downloaded and used at no additional charge.

14.4. As soon as a new card is linked to the account any unused credit will be available to spend.

15. Corrupt/ Damaged GFaL Club Cards

15.1. When a GFaL Club card cannot be read by the card reader at the payment terminal, the account holder can pick up a replacement card from the Refectory or change to using the App. The new card will then need to be linked with the account holder’s personal account online.

15.2. As soon as a new card is linked to the account any unused credit will be available to spend.

15.3. The card has a microchip embedded in it. Please take care not to damage the card – it should not be bent, punctured or defaced in any way. Do not attach your card to a keyring. You may be charged for a replacement card.

16. Data Protection

16.1. The University of Leeds undertakes to meet the conditions of the Data Protection Act 1998 when collecting personal data. The data collected will only be that offered by the user and will only be used for the purposes of GFaL Club scheme and will not be disclosed to any unauthorised person or organisation.

17. Feedback Procedure

17.1. All feedback regarding any aspect of the local services should be directed to the manager of the particular unit/area. Please ask a member of staff in the unit for details of the feedback process. Alternatively, please email

17.2. Feedback for GFaL Club should be made via

18. Meal Plan Purse

18.1. All students living in Ellerslie, Lyddon & Charles Morris Halls will receive a Meal Plan Purse which is designed to allow them to purchase two meals a day.

18.2. The Meal Plan Purse will be available to spend via the students GFaL Club card or App which they will be given on arrival at their Hall of Residence and is available to use on the designated Meal Plan dates -these are detailed on the webpage.

18.3. The GFaL Club Card account is registered to a student’s University of Leeds email address – the Meal Plan credit is then added as a separate purse.

18.4. Students must set their password here to view their GFaL Club account details, to add funds, and check balance.

18.5. The Meal Plan Purse can only be used in the Refectory and Hugo the Camionnette Café.

18.6. The Meal Plan Purse can be used at the times indicated on the Meal Plan web page here.

18.7. Each day during term time credit is added to the students GFaL Club Meal Plan Package to spend that day. The credit added is outlined on the Meal Plan Purse web page here.

18.8. Any unspent balance will not be carried forward to future days.

18.9. Students may have a Meal Plan Purse and also top up a GFaL Club card balance. If using the GFaL Club card at the Refectory or Hugo the students Meal Plan Purse credit will be used first followed by the GFaL Club balance.

18.10. If the Refectory is closed for an event all students with a Meal Plan Purse will be contacted via email, they will have the option to collect a take away meal for that day.

18.11. If a student cannot get to the Refectory before 6:30pm then they can inform the duty manager before 11am that day and a take away meal will be arranged for collection.

18.12. If a student loses their GFaL Club card they must follow the steps stated in section 14.

18.13. The Meal Plan cannot be used to purchase alcohol or tobacco products.

18.14. Meal Plan account holders cannot loan their GFaL Club card to any other person. It is for the exclusive use of the registered account holder and not otherwise.

18.15. Misuse of the Meal Plan will result in disciplinary action being taken.

18.16. The University will not be responsible for any losses incurred on lost or stolen cards.

18.17. The University retains the right to freeze cards not being used by the registered cardholder.

19. Limitations on Service

19.1 The University will endeavour to ensure GFaL Club cards, GFaL Club App and the necessary GFaL Club scheme infrastructure are working to process purchases by account holders.  However, the University cannot guarantee the cards and infrastructure will work all the time.  There may from time to time be problems and maintenance issues that lead to GFaL Club Cards, the GFaL Club App or infrastructure not temporarily working.  The University will look to minimise any inconvenience caused.

19.2 Any concerns about problems with cards or the scheme’s infrastructure must be immediately reported to

20. No Liability

20.1 The University will not be liable for any loss caused by cards or infrastructure not working.

20.2 In any other circumstances the University is not liable for any financial loss sustained by a customer beyond the amount of credit on a card.

20.2 As stated under clause 14.2 the University will not refund any credit where the card has been used by any third party prior to the card’s cancellation.

21. GFaL Club App

21.1. The GFaL Club App can also be downloaded to allow you to make payments at the till. The app is available to download from the relevant app store and details of how to obtain the App are available in all outlets.

21.2. The University cannot accept responsibility for any mobile data charges incurred whilst using the App.

22. Hot Drink Stamp Card

22.1. On the purchase of any hot drink at relevant Great Food at Leeds outlets a customer will receive one electronic stamp. On the purchase of a ninth hot drink a voucher for a free hot drink will be added to a customers’ account. A full list of participating outlets can be viewed at the Latest Offers page.

22.2. The number of stamps accrued can be viewed on a customer’s GFaL Club account.

22.3. The stamp will be automatically earned at the time of purchase, provided either the app or card is scanned at the point of purchase.

22.4. Redemption of voucher is available at the till of all participating Great Food at Leeds outlets on the purchase of any hot drink.

22.5. Items may be excluded from purchase with a hot drink voucher at some or all participating outlets at the discretion of Great Food at Leeds and will be advertised via our website.

22.6. A GFaL Club account can hold an unlimited number of vouchers which do not expire.

22.7. Vouchers cannot be transferred to another account or redeemed as cash.

23. FOOD BUNDLES Promotion

23.1 An optional introductory promotion is available to students via Star Res whilst staying in University-managed accommodation.

23.2 There are 3 options to choose from:

Food Bundles Promotion
PackageAmount charged to customerAdded benefitAmount customer receives
Food Bundle 15£200+15%£230
Food Bundle 20£350+20%£420
Food Bundle 25£500+25%£625

23.3 Once loaded on to the GFaL Club account the account holder can use the credit as they wish in all participating Great Food at Leeds outlets. Accounts can be topped up as per clause 8 following the use of this initial balance.

23.4 Termination of the FOOD BUNDLES Promotion can be made through this

23.5 Termination of the FOOD BUNDLES Promotion by the account holder will void the introductory promotion and a refund of the unused original cash loading sum less amounts spent will be made onto the account holder’s fees balance as advised at the time of cancellation.

23.6 The minimum amount for any refund is set at £10.

23.7 Any GFaL Club account found to be inactive for a period of 18 months or more will be closed. Refunds will not be available after 18 months or more of inactivity.

23.7 All GFaL Club Terms and Conditions apply to users of the FOOD BUNDLES Promotion.