You said that you would like…

1. More variety and choice in the Refectory
We continue to vary our menus and always look to introduce popular food choices and themed menus throughout the year. We look at what is trending on the high street and incorporate this into our menus – for example, the loaded flatbreads and naans were introduced in September allowing customers to choose their bespoke toppings, sauces and whether they like it hot or not!

2. Better value for money
We continue to offer a variety of meal deals on both hot lunches and grab and go options. We have reviewed these to ensure that they remain relevant – for example, some of the Refectory meal deals no longer contain a drink as feedback told us this wasn’t required. We also offer Refresh our loyalty and cashless system which gives discounts and loyalty points on purchases, as well as monthly promotions with great prizes and giveaways.

3. Hot water in the Business School café
Some of our international students explained they prefer to drink hot water, therefore we have introduced a free self-service hot water station in the Business School Café.

4. The opportunity to eat and drink later
We have extended our opening hours in selected cafés, including Parkinson and Café 7 to facilitate students and staff working and spending time on campus into the evening. In addition, the Refectory is open until 7 pm Monday to Friday during term time.

5. More international food on the menu
We have continued to develop our menus in the Business School and Refectory to reflect a range of international dishes and flavours.

6. The opportunity to refill your water bottles
All of our cafes offer refills of cold drinking water and in addition, there are free drinking water provisions for all staff, students and visitors to the University at water fountains across campus.

7. Us to use fewer plastics
We have undertaken a host of initiatives to reduce the use of plastic including selling a range of Keep Cups at cost price and offering a 20p discount of hot drinks when using any Keep Cup. We also have Leeds University water bottles for sale and offer free drinking water in all our outlets. We are auditing and changing the range of disposables we use, being sure to make the right choices looking at the full life cycle of the product. Wherever possible we use crockery and have made a plastic pledge to evidence our commitment to being single-use plastic free #2020.