At Deli(very) we recognise the importance of listening to what you want, and it’s been at the forefront of every decision we’ve made. Whether it’s refreshing our seasonal menus or providing more dessert options for vegans, we pride ourselves on being top of our game with our food offering.

Understanding exactly what you need from us is key, that’s why our phone and online team are always on hand to work with you and offer a bespoke service to match your budget and requirements.

  • You asked us to become more eco-friendly – we now deliver compostable cups, plates and cutlery and are on a journey to become “single-use plastic free
  • You asked us to deliver and serve breakfast to support British Triathlon at the Brownlee Centre –  we now deliver and continue to serve on a weekly basis.
  • You asked for a set “applicant day” menu – we produced and delivered. This will feature in our 2019 menu.
  • You asked us for hot mince pies – we delivered.
  • You asked us to create a 100% Vegan menu – There are now over 14 different Vegan items to choose from.
  • You asked us for local menu items – we delivered the Yorkshire menu and continue to, at every opportunity, support local farmers and suppliers who use ethically sourced and Fairtrade products.
  • You asked us for more dessert options for Gluten Free Vegans – we locally sourced Vegan, Gluten Free cake/dessert including the popular Banana Toffee Bundt Cake and Chocolate and Raspberry Gateaux.
  • You asked us for help and advice when creating food orders for large events – we will always assist all our customers to guide you through your menu choice.
  • You said that the website ordering system needs improving – we are currently working on user experience testing and insight to develop the website.
  • You asked for a menu consisting of World Foods –  we created and produced the International menu.
  • You asked us to reduce the number of plastic bottles used – we are now encouraging the use of water jugs to be provided.
  • You asked for herbal, fruit and decaffeinated teas – we now offer hot water with a selection of tea, coffee, herbal and fruit sachets.

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