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Refresh Link Accounts


Top up their Refresh account from home providing them with great food and you with peace of mind. Create a Refresh ‘link’ account which allows you to top up their card automatically from anywhere in the world.

Refreshing Benefits:

Setting up a Linked Account

Below is a quick guide on how to do this:

  1. Family member creates a Refresh ‘link’ account here making sure they tick the ‘is this a link account box’ and then adding their email address. They will then receive a validation email.
    (Please note: It is important that the ‘is this a link account’ box is ticked to ensure the account can be linked to another account.)
  2. Student logs into their account and sends a ‘link’ account request through the ‘Account Links’ section found in the left hand menu of their Refresh account. They simply add the email address of the family member.
  3. Once the family member has accepted this request both the family member and the student must activate the link. This can be done through the ‘Account Links’ section by simply clicking ‘expand’ under the email address and then ‘activate link’.
  4. When the link is activated by both parties the family member then has the ability to top up the students Refresh card

You can then top up the account through the ‘purses’ section found in the left hand menu of their Refresh account. The ‘purse’ of the student needs to be expanded and then the ‘add funds’ button can be seen.The first time the family member adds credit to the account the payment card details can be saved to allow them to use the quick-load option making it quicker and easier to add credit to the students Refresh card.

How to automatically add credit to an account

Top up a student’s account automatically from home providing them with great food and you with peace of mind. Auto top up means that whenever the credit on the account drops below a certain amount it will automatically top up your selected amount, meaning the card will never be without credit!

Below is a quick guide on how to do this. We also have a handy pdf guide to help you through the process.

  1. Once you’ve created your link account and linked it to a student’s account you can log in and view the account balance through the ‘purses’ section.
  2. Before switching auto top up on you must first add funds through the ‘purses’ section. Select an amount to initially top up by and enter your card details ensuring that you save the card.
  3. Confirm payment on the next page. Now go back to the ‘purses’ section and you can now switch on Auto Top Up.
  4. After clicking on the ‘purses’ section expand the purse by clicking ‘more information’ and select start auto top up after selecting the trigger balance and top up amount. Auto top up is now active!

More questions?

Take a look at our FAQ’s page.  If you still have questions which we have not answered then please contact us at



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